Monday, July 15

Travel Manpura Island of Bhola

Monpura Island of Bhola : A serene travel destination of Bangladesh.

Monpura Island is an isolated island in the Bhola which is bordered by the Meghna River on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the south.

manpura bhola
manpura bhola

This mesmerizingly beautiful island remained unnoticed for years until the film ‘Monpura’ was made which was mostly focused on the panoramic view of this land. The whole island is a piece of green land decorated with unimaginable natural beauty. Sitting on this island you can see the sunrise and sunset. There are also Monpura landing stations, deer sanctuary, and Chowdhury project. Motorcycles are the main means of transportation on the island.

The way the station shakes from time to time by the currents and waves of the river water will give you the thrill of floating deep in Meghna. The farming lake of the Chowdhury project is filled with plenty of fish. Thousands of coconut trees lined up across the shores of the lake. This island is a good option for cycling and camping. Cycling on the island of Monpura, leaving the green kingdom and sometimes the turbulent Meghna river by the side of the road, is quite pleasing to the mind.

Not only tourists but also locals come here to spend time from afternoon tonight.


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