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Bangladesh travel destinations :

Bangladesh travel destinations : Atish Dipangkar Memorial

Atish Dipankar Memorial Complex is situated in the birthplace of His Holiness Atish Dipankar Sriggyan which is located in the village of Bajrayogini, Bangladesh. Originally from Bikrampur, World famous Buddhist scholar and philosopher Atish Dipankar Shreegyen spread Buddhism throughout Tibet and eastern parts of India in the 11th century. After 1000 years of his death His holy relics were brought to Bangladesh and placed in his birthplace. And with the help of the Chinese government, the largest stupa in Bangladesh was built on His holy relics. Here Mahamati Buddha’s profound knowledge of humanity and Buddhist philosophy is propagated with utmost care and confidence. Beside the stupa, Atish Memorial Complex, Atish memorial library, Meditation room, and Museum were built by the Bangladesh government. It is a great place for religious values. Dhaka residents can give family trips to celebrate the weekend celebration with a spiritual vibe and religious works.

Bangladesh travel destinations : Baba Adam Mosque

Baba Adam Mosque

Baba Adam Mosque is an ancient mosque in the Munshiganj district of Bangladesh, built-in 1483. The mosque was built as Jame Masjid by Malik Kafur. The shrine of Baba Adam Shahid is located on the mosque premises. There are six domes on the roof of this mosque. The base area detailed north-south is 43 feet in length and 36 feet in width. Its walls are made of bricks which are about four feet wide. The walls are of red terra cotta bricks. Currently, the middle arch in the facade is used as an entrance. The interior has three mihrabs on the west wall and an Arabic script inscribed on the east wall. The rear of the west wall is extended outwards in three tiers. The rear extension is designed in exquisite terracotta ornamentation, similar to the Moazzampur Mosque. The multi-grooved arch in the middle of the niche, the geometric design, and the ‘rosette’ design at the top of the arch are noteworthy. Such rich exterior design is an excellent appeal to the tourists who visit the Sirajganj district.

Bangladesh travel destinations : Bagha Darga Sharif

Bagha Darga Sharif

Barabagha Mazar Sharif is located in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. This Shrine is dedicated to Hazrat Shah Sufi Mawlana Mokarram Danismanda (R) and his few followers. According to the locals, a relatively small tomb is adjacent to this shrine, which is called the Tiger’s Tomb which was believed to be his companion. There is a big Madrasa in Barabagha Mazar Sharif. Around 20-25 students become Hafez-e-Quran from this madrasa each year. Every year, a 10-day long exhibition is been celebrated during Eid-Ul-Fitr and thousands of people come here to attend and enjoy this celebration। On 256 bigha land, there are huge ponds, shrines of Auliyas, main Darga sharif and museum, huge ponds adjacent to mosques. Numerous guest birds from Siberia come here in winter. Many visitors flock to Dighi to see it. The terracotta design all over the Darga easily impresses any tourist.

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