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smokers risk of coronavirus is greater than thought

smokers risk of coronavirus is greater than thought, Said, Professor Dr. Arup Ratan Chowdhury, Senior Consultant, Bardem Hospital

Coronavirus outbreaks are affecting more men than women worldwide and are causing death. The statistics of all the affected countries including China, South Korea, Italy and America say the same thing.



According to most experts, men’s lifestyle plays an important role in this. The big reason of smokers risk of coronavirus is that men smoke more and drink more alcohol. As a result, they suffer more from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and pneumonia. Most of those who already have some other serious disease in their body are dying due to complications in Covid-19.


Smokers risk of coronavirus

One important point, health experts warn, is that smokers who smoke cigarettes, marijuana or e-cigarettes have a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 and becoming seriously ill than others. Some studies suggest that e-cigarettes may cause inflammation of the lungs and airways. The tendency to smoke or drink alcohol can increase the level of danger. A recent study about smokers risk of coronavirus in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the number of smokers in China who became critically ill after being infected with the coronavirus was more than double. Not only cigarettes or e-cigarettes, but also marijuana and alcohol can pose a serious danger at this time. Smoking damages lung cells, aids in the spread of the virus and can affect its ability to fight infection.


The way it hurts

Studies have shown that smoking can increase the risk of corona up to 14 times.

Smoking reduces or impairs lung function. The risk of long-term lung disease in smokers is therefore much higher, which greatly increases the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Smoking reduces immunity. And those with low immunity are more likely to be infected with the coronavirus.

People who are direct smokers or smokers as well as victims of secondhand smoke are also at risk.

In addition to the lungs, smoking and all types of tobacco use severely damage vital organs.

Many patients who smoke are seen to cough more and produce more mucus than others.


Things to do for smokers

One of the best things to do is to stop or stop smoking during this Corona epidemic. So all you have to do is:

Quit smoking completely to reduce the risk of corona infection. Quitting smoking at this time can not only save the smoker’s own life, but also the need to go to the hospital even if infected.

At this time you should not consume tobacco food like Pan, Jorda, Gul, Sadapata etc. This also increases the complexity and suffering of the disease more than others.

In bidi and cigarette smoking, the fingers of the hand come in contact with the lips, so the risk of getting the virus in the filter or in the hand is about 14 times.

♦ Smoking a bidi-cigarette and sharing it with another is not at all. It can be a way to spread the virus.

More people than direct smokers or smokers are victims of secondhand smoke at home, work, public transport. So it is important to be careful in this regard.

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