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Coronavirus sleeping position : it is better to sleep on chest

Here is a result of research on Coronavirus sleeping position. Severe patients with coronary heart disease are kept in ICU or ventilation. At that time the doctors advised them to lie on their front side (inverted). It is not new today. The same advice was given to patients with shortness of breath or pneumonia long ago. It is difficult to sleep with a pillow under your stomach. In that case, even if it is for a short time, lying inverted and breathing in the chest is beneficial. In a health discussion on CNN last month (April 14, 2020), seneior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said the advice was beneficial for a critically ill corona patient.

Coronavirus sleeping position research

Seven years ago an article by French physicians was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It states that patients with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) or extreme respiratory complications who are kept on ventilation are less likely to die if they are made to lie on their chest. This research now brings Coronavirus sleeping position to light.
The question is what is the benefit of breathing while lying on the stomach. Medical experts say that a large part of the lungs are towards the back, not towards the chest. The advantage of lying on your back is that most parts of the lungs get plenty of oxygen easily. And that’s what helps them heal. In many patients, changes in sleeping posture have increased the oxygen content in their blood from 75 percent to 96 percent.

During this difficult time of coronavirus infection, many doctors tell patients that it is better to adapt to Coronavirus sleeping position . i.e lie on their chest every day for a short time. If you feel uncomfortable, you should at least lie on your back.

For a corona infection, at least 1,000 virus particles must enter our nose and mouth. Once a person infected with corona coughs, about 3,000 drops come out at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Most of it is heavy and falls to the ground, but some droplets float in the air for a while. One sneeze spreads 30,000 droplets at a speed of 200 miles per hour. However, 50 to 5 thousand droplets are spread at a low speed just by breathing. These calculations can be found in the blog of Erin S. Bromez, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He said that if a person stays in a populated area for a long time, a person can be infected with corona. Because even if three or six feet away, the droplets may not be able to infect anyone directly. But a while ago, maybe someone sneezed and coughed. He is still at risk of contracting the virus.

So even if the face mask and body distance are adhered to after the lockdown is relaxed, there will be a risk of getting infected with corona, if someone stays in a crowded area for a long time. So at this time you have to be very careful about these things. The more you can stay at home, the better.

Three feet or six feet
We usually say that there should be a distance of at least three feet between the individuals. Because the coronavirus is relatively heavy, its carrier droplets cannot travel more than three feet, before it falls to the ground. So no one is afraid to be infected by breathing from more than three feet away. But now it is said that it is better to maintain a distance of six feet than three feet. Why this three-six mess? At first the World Health Organization said to maintain a distance of three feet. That was in 1930, according to a Harvard researcher. But later it was found that a distance of six feet, not three feet, was safe. This distance can be ensured if there are fewer people in the open space outside. It is affected by sunlight, temperature and humidity, which weakens the virus. In this situation we now say that it is advisable to keep the physical distance at six feet.

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