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FRIENDS new Season: Fan’s Made Script season 15 Episode 1

FRIENDS new episode: Fan’s Made Script season 12
FRIENDS new episode: Fan’s Made Script season 15

Here is a FRIENDS new Seasond : Fan’s Made Script for season 15 Episode 1. Hope you will enjoy this Friends’s new episode and put your hilarious comments. Be sure to subscribe to the site by clicking Allow. Otherwise, you will miss the next part, which will come tomorrow.


[Coffee house, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica]

Joey seems to be full of shyness. He is in eye contact with Monica and Phoebe but is not telling what he is smiling about.


Phoebe: Okay it’s enough. I can’t take your unbea..rable shyness. Let us know, what happened.. did you eat your girlfriend’s fries again..when she went to the bathroom?

Joey: he he (confused) but why should I be ashamed to do such. If she is not there, the fries have the right to be eaten. They were not supposed to be… loosen their spirit.

Monica: I agree with him, for the right of the food part. Foods deserved to be enjoyed. But no longer in my house.

Joey: And, there is nothing to be shy about.. but I am trying to feel the nervousness. hehe. (shy again) because I have an audition..

Phoebe: Is that an audition of a commercial, where you had to be the butt-double Justin Bieber? Did they.. they.. the producers told you to slim your ass?

Joey: no no he he no no.. But Justin Bieber.. hell no.. if it was Kim Kardashian or.. wait.. there is no butt thing.. but.. I mean single T but.. there is a commercial. I have to take a selfie with a clever phone.

Monica: its smartphone.

Joey: Not smarter than me! So, the phone camera has an option to detect a shy face, and then bam! It will take the picture of a perfectly shy face! They are calling it Shy-phone.


(Ross entered)

Ross: Why you are so…shy.. Joey?

Joey: (shy face) yah.. by the way, do you have a clever phone?

Ross: its..smar.. ok whatever.. why do you need my phone?

Joey: Does it have a selfie camera?

Ross: Of course it has. It is a 34 megapixel rear cam phone with a 13-megapixel front camera, which also has an octa-core snapdragon processor and gorilla glass. Though if I could I would name it a snap. snap-dino processor and why gorilla. It could be the chimpanzee glass.

Joey: I just want to do some practice.

Ross: what do you want to practice with a phone.. it’s a phone joey.. a very sensitive and fragile one. and, I had to put a cover on it.

Joey: a cover huh! (smiling). Good thinking…and the phone is really clever.


(Chandler entered with a DSLR camera. He is clicking and taking random pictures)

Monica: what are you doing?

Chandler: Nothing.. It’s actually nothing.. taking pictures is now a no-thing. (click click click). No film is required. I can take pictures whenever I want. click click. its nothing. I can put those pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or some of it on my google drive, whatever.

Joey: Ok ok! nice. take mine. wait a min. (creating shy face) ok.

Chandler: But.. its a DSLR camera. Not a slutty girl who is going to propose to you.

Pheobe: Uh. I wish.

Monica: By the way, where is Rachel?

Ross: I don’t know, but wait. She just WhatsApp me.

Joey: what’s up?

Ross: Get a Cle—ver phone, Joey!

Joey: oh no. There are lots of food apps on that phone, but I can’t eat them.

Ross: She wrote, she has trouble remembering her Facebook password. And it’s urgent.

Monica: does she call 911?

Ross: I wish. But I think, even Emma can reset the password using a phone.

Joey: I am late for the commercial. see ya guys. (shy face.. swinging head and went away)



Producer: oh Joey.

Joey: (very shy) I know. I am ready. I am right in the mood.

Producer: Ok take this and take a selfie.

(Camera crews and every other ready with a tv monitor)

Joey takes the phone and holds this in a selfie position. Suddenly, in Joey’s imagination, the phone becomes a slutty blonde girl, who is going to propose to Joey.

Joey seems scared.

Girl: oh Joey, I am so clever, otherwise why should I bother proposing to you.

Joey: But. you are just a phone! a dumb and blond phone!

Girl: don’t underestimate the power of a blonde girl Joey.

Joey: You can’t do this.

Girl approaching Joey. Joey scared. The girl has a ring in her hand.

Joey throws the phone and it breaks.

Producer: what the hell.

Joey: The phone wants to marry me. It can hear everything! An hour before, my friends told me about some blonde slutty girl.

A Lady blonde crew on set: What!

Joey: no not you.. how ha.. how u doing…

Lady: that’s not what it sounded like before.

Joey: I am really nervous about the new phone thing. I think the phones are secretly hearing our conversation.

Producer: oh, It’s a dumb statement. Phones are not smart. We just named them. They are not supposed to “Hear (Mimicking Ross’s gesture) our conversation. Hey Martin, give me a scotch, will ya.


Producers broken phone speaking from the floor: (digital voice) hello Mr. Producer, you can find the best scotch in the city at the nearby J & J bar. It’s just two blocks away from your current location. I can place an order if You want me to do so.

Joey: See! that’s what I am afraid of! ok, Phone! stop listening to us. And, put an order for 2 pizzas and tell them to hurry.

Phone: Ok Joey, I will order two hot water geezers for your home. I know your home address. I am a … clever phone.



To be continued… 


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