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Little Picasso Kieron!

Kieron Williamson, niño prodigio de la pintura | Watercolor paintings,  Painting, Waterhouse paintings

Before you start reading this article, you must have noticed the watercolor pictures, didn’t you? If not here’s a new product just for you! What do you think? The work of a very seasoned artist? It is a seasoned artist. However, with age but not absolutely mature. On the contrary, this artist is much younger than some of you. Only 10 years were going to pass. Her name is Kieron Williamson, born August 4, 2002; Norfolk, England.


Kieron Williamson paintings stolen in Pima County
At the age of six, Kieron became famous all over the world. The so-called celebrity. And when he was 9, an exhibition of his paintings was organized in London. There, in just 14 minutes, 18 of his paintings sold for 18,200 pounds. The next year is another exhibition. Bajimat there too. One and a half million pounds went into Kiran’s pocket from the sale of the picture. Now make a figure in your mind, if one pound is equal to 110 rupees, how much money was sold in that exhibition?


Nine year-old art prodigy Kieron Williamson nets £100,000 in 10 minutes |  ArtListings
Kieron would have preferred to walk around in the yard rather than play video games or watch TV when he was younger (when he was four or five). As he wandered around, he became very close with plants and insects. And from that tension, the tendency to draw pictures pressed him like a leech. At the age of five, the boy started drawing sketches with colored pencils.
But he didn’t like color pencil drawing for a long time. Kieran wants more and more colors. Moreover, he could not even match the pictures with reality. All pictures want to be more perfect. And one day I sat stubbornly thinking about all these thoughts. He takes watercolor and brush in his hand. Mixing one color with another color is the key to drawing. Mixing light colors next to dark colors made the brush become a magic wand. Kieron sat down with the strange manipulation of light and shadow.
In addition to watercolors, he picked up acrylic and oil paints known as adult colors. Children usually avoid these. But as soon as it fell into Kiran’s hands, the colors seemed to spread. The imaginary world of drawing seemed to unfold itself at the tip of the little child’s brush. Some people started calling him Khude Picasso! And there is no newspaper or TV in Britain where Kieron Williamson did not go and give an interview. Yet often calls come from radio and TV.
But how did Eitukun Kieron become an artist? It turned out that at the age of four, his hands became accustomed to holding pencils and brushes. Then he learned the tricks of drawing from a local artist. Excluding this, he has learned the rest on his own. Whenever he had time, he went out with paintbrushes and canvas. Rivers, canals, dhu dhu fields, windmills, settlements left nothing out. Most of them are rivers, trees and soil. The light and shadow combine to make the pictures come alive.
Wondering, when will you read if you have read about drawing? It’s like seeing Kieran Williamson’s skills in every aspect of school. Stay away from anything bad, teachers are full of praise. And what will Kieron hear? ‘School sometimes feels very annoying. Teachers say the same thing over and over again. But this is the first time I understand it. And like eight or ten boys, he also does light mischief. Even when he grows up, he wants to be a professional footballer for many more! Can draw pictures or leave in a hurry!
There are many stories about Kieron. Now you must want to see his pictures. But it is not possible to print all his pictures in Tuntun Tintin. And so there is a website address for you. Everything about Kieron can be found on the site. There are all the pictures, besides you can see the news about him being published and broadcast on TV. Kieron Williamson’s Website

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