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Looking for a Cheap SEO Content Writer? DON’T!

Are you looking for a cheap (I mean low-cost) SEO content writer? Then Don’t! Cheap is just as it sounds.

by F M A

You must not have to look for a cheap SEO writer, because he/she may not be worthy of your vision, mission, or selling goals. And they probably failed to bring your site’s rank to an optimal position in due time.


SEO Content Writer Photo Credit Vlada Karpovich, Pexels

Why look for a good SEO content developer?

  1. A good SEO content writer is just not an ordinary writer who memorizes the dictionary or is enriched with lots of phrases and idioms. He/she is actually well equipped with advanced technological knowledge and perhaps knows some web development techniques too.
  2. SEO write-up is not about writing a research article, fiction, or a cliche product description. An expert SEO writer knows how to put keywords in position, where to put hyperlinks, and knows how not to irritate readers (or buyers) on your landing page. You can call them word-gamers.
  3. In today’s super-critical data-science era, a product description or a selling pitch is merely some paragraphs. It evolves into a living organism, which can be interactive, and engaging in a multitude of ways. Asking questions, getting answers, and monitoring the behaviors of the users is crucial. An expert SEO writer has to gain at least some ideas about these terms as he/she has to frequently collaborate with your IT or web development team.
  4. You have to waste your valuable money-generating time on a write-up if your copywriter doesn’t know the elaboration of SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization).


How to choose a competent SEO Content Developer?

  1. Jot down your target first. Do you need more users on your landing page? Or, are you just looking for a big one-time sale? Depending on your needs, ask your writer some competency-based questions. Whether he/she has prior experience in writing for different occasions, targets, or niches.
  2. Ask the candidates to write about a product of yours, in short. You will get the idea. Just don’t go for a witty or humor-only approach. Carefully inspect the use of jargon, hyperlinks, hashtags (if any), trending keywords, etc.
  3. Ask the candidates to write an article about an imaginary but useful new product. It will prove their ingenuity and promptness.
  4. Avoid $5 or $10 or $15 article writers as much as you can. Those who underestimate their capability (if there are any), will not take your mission and vision seriously, and often they will be haunted by this question- “Do I really need to give so much effort (and reviews) for that payment!”
  5. Choose those SEO content developers, who are mentioning more technical aspects rather than their previous sci-fi stories or CGPA. Ask them, if they have at least some knowledge of web development.
  6. An expert SEO writer must know the basics of how Google search works. He/she might be able to tell something about meta description, 2% rule of keywords, engaging title, putting numbers and questions astutely, etc.
  7. Ask your candidate, if he/she is using some spelling or grammar checker like Grammarly. If he/she never heard of it, then you can ask him/her for some online-based English language competency tests.


So, I hope you will find your SEO content writer in no time, just as you found this article, and read all the way to the end!



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