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Want to do better in getting a bank job?

হ্যাকার bank jobTo get a job at bank is no easy task. You have to well prepared and have to answer to the point. Here are some tips for those who want to get a job at a bank.


1. Master the various jargon (abbreviations and spoken words) of all the subjects you have studied, which you have done undergraduate and postgraduate. You may also want to know about the application of what you have read in the banking sector. Be prepared for that too.

2. Get as much idea as possible about the bank to which you are going to give Viva. You will find the names of the people in important positions in the mission, the vision of the bank on these websites.

3. Find out more about the position you are applying for. He will also take the idea about the responsibilities and benefits of the position.

4. Get an idea of ​​recent events. You will also find out about various international organizations, recent big deals, government projects. Viva board members will answer questions in English. If you ask a question in Bengali, you will answer in Bengali. But don’t go bilingual.

5. Keep yourself humble. Smartness is urgent. But it should be within the limits. If you don’t know the answer, say politely, you don’t know it.

6. Attend 40 minutes before Viva starts. Be sure to keep the pen with you.

7. Get ideas about Vaiba from someone who works in a bank. Anyone who has recently joined can give you good advice.


Some Common Questions for Bank Viva

1. Who is the current Governor of Bank?

2. What is the GDP growth rate?

3. What is the current per capita income?

4. What is the name of our MD?

5. What is a check? How many types are there?

6.  How many scheduled banks are there at present?

7. What is the difference between a bank and a financial institution?

8. What is the current bank rate? What is the personal interest rate?

9. What is a commercial bank?

10. What is a deposit?

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