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Must follow these steps to avoid coronavirus

The Corona situation is becoming increasingly worrying. Although there is lockdown to avoid coronavirus infection, the situation is still not under control. Although the situation in European countries has improved somewhat, the overall corona situation in the world is gradually deteriorating. In Bangladesh and India, the number of corona cases is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. Even in this situation, some people have to go out of the house every day in case of emergency or work. Even in this situation, those who have to go out almost every day must keep these things in mind to stay healthy and safe in Corona.

To avoid coronavirus

1) To avoid coronavirus social distance from colleagues in the office should be maintained. You have to use the mask all the time.

2) Keep hand sanitizer, soap paper and drinking water with you when you go out for an hour. Keep up with lunch and necessary medications.

3) Always carry the necessary items like earphones, chargers, power banks or laptop chargers. It is better not to use other people’s things at this time.

4) If you want to have tea and coffee in the office, it is better to take a tea bag from home. It is better not to use office pantry items if you want to avoid coronavirus.

5) To avoid coronavirus , sanitize your car, bike or scooter before each use, keep it clean.

6)  Never open the mask or touch the mask while working in the office.

7) If there are more than three people in the elevator, do not use it.

8) Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from colleagues.

9) When you get home, soak all your clothes in detergent. Do not touch anyone in the family until after bathing. If you have a pet at home, it is better to touch it after bathing. Sanitize your lunch bag, mobile phone and laptop after coming home.

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