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The importance of respiratory physiotherapy in treating coronavirus

The number of patients infected with Covid-19 is increasing every day. Adherence to hygiene as well as a balanced diet and aerobic exercise can reduce the chances of contracting the disease by boosting the body’s immune system. Respiratory physiotherapy combined with oxygen therapy will reduce the patient’s respiratory complications and mortality.

In developed countries, and even in neighboring India, respiratory physiotherapists are helping patients with Covid-19 to reduce their shortness of breath and heal them by expelling phlegm from the chest. It also has benefits.

In the developed world, respiratory physiotherapists are employed to perform respiratory rehabilitation in chest medicine wards, ICUs, before and after lung surgery, and in multidisciplinary teams as needed by the patient.
Michael D. Laundry, a physiotherapist and professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and World Health at the Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina, USA, said in an online teleconference recently organized by the American Physiotherapy Association: Removing from so that they are not infected with Covid-19 again. Covid-19 patients are more likely to be affected by ARDS. In this case, physiotherapists are working to increase the effectiveness of their lungs. ‘He added,’ We are at the forefront of tackling this epidemic, like other health care professionals in America. Physiotherapists from all walks of life, both public and private, in the United States are working closely with physicians to address Covid-19.
Marta Lazer, a physiotherapist at the Great Metropolitan Hospital in Milan, Italy, said patients with Covid-19 could develop severe pneumonia, as well as shortness of breath and problems with oxygen flow to the lungs. For this, the patient should be kept on high flow oxygen therapy as well as CKEP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) on an emergency basis. All of this is done under the constant supervision of a respiratory physiotherapist, he said. The specialist respiratory therapist also said to keep the patient’s airways active and to give the patient breathing exercises and use postural drainage procedures to cure shortness of breath. Mrs Rachel Colchlah is vice-president of the Chartered Respiratory Physiotherapy Association of the United Kingdom and a physiotherapist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He recently mentioned, ‘Our job in the ICU is to help the patient’s lungs and keep the airways in the lungs moving by removing the mucus from it. To do this we resort to some handy tactics. Such as vibration or assistive cough technique which helps to remove mucus from the airway.
Cardio-thoracic surgeon at Oxford Hospital, NHS Trust, England, Shakil Farid also talked about the importance of respiratory physiotherapy for the recovery of the patient while talking about the guideline of Covid-19 treatment. Each hospital in England has separate departments of physiotherapy, such as respiratory physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and neurology physiotherapy. Bedford Hospital, Oxford Hospital There are many more hospitals where physiotherapists are working in a much wider range. At Covid-19, physiotherapists are compulsorily providing medical services and patients are also benefiting.

Assistant Professor of Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai, India. According to Rachna Aurora, in recent times, to reduce the complications of Covid-19 shortness of breath, the patient can be advised to take various positions such as lying on his back, half-bed, various active exercises, etc. Respiratory physiotherapists also have a pioneering role in COPD, respiratory failure, bronchitis, asthma patients, boutique breathing techniques, parslip breathing exercises, aerobic exercises.
Remedies from Covid-19 Prevention – Respiratory physiotherapy treatment at all stages. Therefore, in order to utilize the latest medical system of skilled physiotherapists in this catastrophic situation, it is very necessary to appoint physiotherapists with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.


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