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Stranger Things season 5 : All you need to know

The gate is still open, and of course, on a much larger scale. We already know, what is the next challenge for Hawkins in Stranger Things season 5. They must cope-up with a new upside-down phenomenon and have to close the gate somehow (or simply they can leave the town).

stranger things season 5

Stranger Things is season 5 will come out in the next year (probably) and we know that the Duffer Brothers already told us that, the script and ideas (and shooting?) are already completed. Actually, the brief idea of the whole 5 seasons of Stranger Things was in place from the very beginning. They plotted the whole series 7 years ago and not so much has been changed.

Needless to say, season 5 of Stranger Things will contain more supernatural actions (including more nose bleeding), more power (the power and villain-ness of the Vecna were a bit disappointing), and more green screen. I mean, now the Hawkins is started to become the greyish monochrome hell-town, thus we are expecting more CG.

We don’t think, CG has anything special in this series. The chemistry between characters and some ‘almost forced sequences’ to establish some sort of LGBT issue is really enjoyable. Hence, we love Dustin and we will surely come back for him.  


If you did not watch the season 4 finale, please don’t read the next line.

Yes, spoiler alert!

So, what will happen to Max? Will Eddie survive somehow? The chance of Max’s getting back with something ‘New’ is very high and the chances of Eddie tend to be zero. We already got a vibe of saying final adios to Eddie, when our beloved Dustin gave the necklace to his uncle.

What is gonna happen with Max? She may be trapped in some sort of dream world or a purgatory-like world. There she probably has to fight her own struggle with some interference from El aka number 11.

What can be the plot of Stranger Things season 5? Any guess? Ok. Our best guesses are like these

  • In season 5 of Stranger Things, fewer strange things will happen as we are already familiar with the alternate hell-like world. The main issue will be circling around the new phenomena.
  • People will be frightened and will start leaving the town. But some of them (including his uncle of Eddie) will stay and fight against the evil (who is that?), they will stay there just not to save Hawkings, but to save humanity.
  • There may be some US army interventions, but they probably will create more trouble for the extended Hellfire Club.
  • We will see matured Dustin and some new inventions or usage of technology of that time (80’s)
  • Stranger Things season 5 will be the final season and there may be some sort of grand sacrifice. So, are we going to say a final goodbye to our sacrificial friend Hopper?
  • Murray and Joyce will do relatively less important things (probably again with interfering with US authorities) than season 4.
  • Hopper will act more like a leading protagonist in season 5 of Stranger Things and he may again be teamed up with Joyace and Murray team. No chance to see any more soviet characters as there is no room for sympathy towards Russia.
  • And, finally, do we really need to say goodbye to Millie Bobby Brown?


So, relax, take a deep breath or lie down on a sensory deprivation tank for Stranger Things season 5; the plot will unfold eventually with the essence of patience.

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