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10 Ways to Solve Dandruff in Winter

Almost everyone suffers from the problem of hair fall and dandruff in winter. According to experts, a type of fungus appears on the scalp due to weather changes and various skin problems.

dandruff problem

If you want to get rid of the dandruff problem, you need to take proper care of your hair. Many people use various hair cosmetics in the market for the pain of dandruff.


Which can damage the hair and scalp. So use hair cosmetics wisely. Know 10 ways to solve the problem of dandruff in winter –


  1. Dandruff problems increase when the scalp is dry. People who use hair dryers or straighteners to dry their hair tend to have drier scalps. Limit the use of hair dryers in winter.


  1. Sugar is very harmful to the skin and hair. When the blood sugar level increases, it also affects the scalp. Due to this, the problem of dandruff can occur in winter. Experts suggest using jaggery or honey instead of sugar.


  1. Make a habit of drinking plenty of water. In order to keep the body healthy and to maintain hydration of the body, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of water throughout the day. An adult should drink at least 5 liters of water a day.


  1. Eat foods rich in biotin and zinc to eliminate the problem of dandruff. Biotin is a type of vitamin that is very useful for hair health.


  1. Vitamin B, zinc, omega three fatty acids should be kept in the regular food list. Which will keep the hair healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be kept on the daily food list.


  1. Comb your hair several times a day. A good quality comb or hair brush must be used for this. The use of a comb when combing the hair improves blood circulation to the scalp.


  1. Use a cotton towel to dry hair after showering. Don’t forget to comb wet hair, it increases the problem of hair fall.


  1. If the problem of dandruff is more, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


  1. Use a good quality anti-dandruff shampoo for dandruff problems. Use shampoo as recommended by the doctor.


  1. Cover your head when going out in the sun. Use a hat or scarf if necessary. Dirt and germs will not enter the scalp. Also, cold weather makes hair more rough and dry.

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