Sunday, May 19

A savory celebration is still on the loose

Eid celebrations are still going on. And, this time its time to taste a holy sweetness. By Nilufar Disha

Eid ul Fitr marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, where many Muslims around the world abstain from food and water during daylight hours. Muslims dress up on Eid morning in their best, often brand-new clothes and many decorate their houses for the occasion. Muslims greet one another on Eid day by saying ‘Eid Mubarak’ which means ‘blessed Eid’ and also exchange hugs. This is to create a feeling of good will and unity. In this occasion various tasty food are seen to be eaten specially sweet items. Cakes are one of them now a days.

From children to adults everyone seems to be liking pastry cakes now a days to celebrate their special occasion and special days. Either it is birthday or anniversary or Eid day celebration.

From that, we talked to the owner and founder of ” Pastel bakery ” Zarin subha, She informed us about the customers need now a days. She informed they started the journey of pastel bakery from 2019 er October 16th. While asking her about the types of products from her bakery she replied with various food items like Cake, Cupcakes, Brownie, Homemade chocolate, Different flavor cream cheese cake, Tub cake, Jar cake etc. are available.

She also added that, some of her bakeries best selling are the vanilla cake and Red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake. She also informed about the price range, Jar price range 180 Taka, One pound cake price range 950 Taka. Zarin Subha says that their product type is mostly homemade pre order based products. The customers are pretty satisfied too.

Zarin Subha also informs that she started this business work from her passion which is bakery. She did one food course all with her own income which is really inspiring. She also added that, now a days pastry cakes are becoming a part of our life and celebration. But it should be taken care of that the cake is made in a good environment with quality products. She also invited people to take a look at her works and visit the page ” pastel bakery “.

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