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Plants For Office Desk : These Plants Will Shine Your Desk

More than half of the day is spent in the office. So if there is a touch of green on the office desk, the mind will be cheerful. However, since most of the offices now have central air conditioning, it is safe to say that the light and air inside do not move at all. So the office desk should have a plant that can adapt to such an environment. Let’s find out what plants are suitable for office desk

Plants for Office Desk: Chinese Evergreen

Plants for Office Desk Chinese Evergreen plant
Chinese Evergreen plant

This plant is famous for its leaves’ color. The leaves of most plants are dark green in color, but the Chinese Evergreen leaves are silver or red in color. Another name for this plant is Aglonama which comes from two Greek words agals‌ (bright) and nama (yarn). This refers to the attractive stamens that emerge from the flowers of this tree. It is a popular plant among the Chinese which symbolizes longevity to them. That’s why it is called Chinese Evergreen. This plant can survive effortlessly in less light. So you can decorate the office desk in peace.

Plants For Office Desk : Gigi plant

Plants For Office Desk gigi plant
gigi plant

Who doesn’t want a little peace in the midst of thousand tons of work pressures in the office? This Gigi plant will bring you unique serenity right now in the atmosphere of its dark green leaves. Putting it on the office desk will enhance the beauty, and you will not have to worry about taking care of it. Because this tree is quite tolerant. It can survive in very low light and does not require too much water. However, when the soil is dry, you can put in some water.

Plants For Office Desk : Peace Lily

Plants For Office Desk
Peace Lily

A bunch of dark green leaves and occasional peaceful white beautiful flowers. Peace Lily is not only a little stingy, it is about so much beauty. You don’t even have to think about taking care of it. Peace Lily can survive without sunlight, fertilizer, water. It usually grows to 18-24 inches. If you put it on the office desk, the gentle sweet fragrance of Peace Lily will make your mind flutter.

Plants For Office Desk : Golden Pathos or Money plant

Plants For Office Desk
Money plant
Money plants can be seen in almost every house in our country. You can keep the Money plant with roots not only in the soil but also in plain water. This plant will continue to grow day after day without any care. Spreading its creeping leaves on the office desk in some places will look quite beautiful. You can safely put it on the office desk with other plants. Money plants can easily survive in the sun, shade. Another name for it is Devil’s Ivy because it can survive in a dark room too.

Plants For Office Desk : Lucky Bamboo

Plants For Office Desk
Lucky Bamboo

Who does not need good luck in the office! And if there is such a plant on the desk, then there will be some! Putting a Lucky Bamboo in a ceramic or glass container with some water and stones will enhance the beauty of the office desk many times. However, it would be wise to buy this tree if the office desk is by the window. Because it needs some light and air. According to the Chinese Fang Shui doctrine, lucky bamboo emits positive energy. This tree is called Fu Goe Zhu in Chinese. In Chinese, fu means good fortune, goe means to honor and strength, and zhu means bamboo. It is better to change the water of this tree from time to time.




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