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Physiotherapy in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints that can occur in people of any age due to wear and tear, injury, family history, obesity, or physical disability. 520 million people worldwide suffer from osteoarthritis, 60 percent of whom are middle-aged. Every 10 in the world.


The number of people with osteoarthritis is increasing by 48 percent annually, making it the 11th leading cause of disability.


Osteoarthritis causes pain in joints and muscles, and difficulty in movement. May even be disabled. ‘Multidisciplinary’ treatment is most effective in ‘preventive’, ‘curative’, and ‘rehabilitative’ areas of healthcare in osteoarthritis. Medicines in the treatment of this disease help to reduce pain. Physiotherapist-directed exercises and electrotherapy reduce pain by mobilizing joints and increasing muscle strength to ensure physical mobility. Thus the patient can return to normal activities.


Knowledge of the patient’s disease is essential in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Because the effects of this disease are multidimensional and the symptoms of this disease return again and again; The patient needs to know what to do and when. Because it is harmful to take painkillers only when there is pain. According to research, the right way of life is the most effective in curing this pain. Specialist physicians, physiotherapists, and dieticians play important roles in the treatment of osteoarthritis.


According to a study in Bangladesh, 84 percent of physiotherapy in specialized hospitals is provided by physiotherapists other than physiotherapists on ‘sealed’ prescriptions, and 95 percent of paid physiotherapy is electrotherapy, which provides only temporary pain relief. According to the Bangladesh Rehabilitation Council, the official regulatory body for physiotherapists, physiotherapy is an important branch of modern science and a unique treatment system that involves various tests, monitoring, diagnosis, treatment planning, application of the advice, and prescriptions to individuals or patients at risk of various types of arthritis, pain, paralysis, and disability. Physiotherapy doctors improve the physical and mental health of patients by providing solutions and preventing various physical problems.


As per law, Physiotherapists are holders of 5 years Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University. In Bangladesh, there is one physiotherapist for every 50,000 people, due to a shortage of manpower and lack of physiotherapists in government hospitals, ordinary people are suffering from maltreatment while taking physiotherapy services at all levels of the country. With the rate at which non-communicable diseases such as osteoarthritis are increasing in the country, it is necessary to expand physiotherapy treatment in an integrated manner for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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