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What fertilizer will you give to the plants in the water?

When organic fertilizers are mixed in the soil, plants get the necessary nutrients. But how to meet the nutritional needs of plants that live in water? Plants in water also need fertilizer to grow smoothly. Find out which fertilizers to add to the water of the plants.

Plants in water grow relatively slowly. So it is very necessary to provide fertilizer at regular intervals. Egg shells, banana peels or tea leaves can be mixed in water as fertilizer.

plant in water fertilizer

Egg shell

Eggshell contains calcium, nitrogen and magnesium. These elements ensure the necessary nutrition of plants. Crush 5/6 eggshells and immerse them in half a liter of water. Keep it like this for 4 to 5 days. Then mix 50 percent normal water and 50 percent eggshell soaked water together and pour it into the plant container.


Banana peel

Soak some banana peels in half a liter of water for a week. Then pour half of the water from the container and mix this water. Potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus will be available from this fertilizer.


Used tea leaves

Soak the used tea leaves in water for 24 hours. If the color of the water changes, add some water to the money plant water.

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