Friday, June 14

How Many Days of Gap Are Needed to Water the ZZ Plant?

The ZZ plant, also known as the Zanzibar Gem plant, is a popular choice among indoor plant enthusiasts. This plant can easily survive with little light and minimal sun exposure. Today, we will discuss how often to water the ZZ plant.

The watering frequency for the ZZ plant depends on how dry the plant’s soil is.

Water the ZZ plant only when the soil is completely dry and slightly woody. However, avoid overwatering. It’s better to water less frequently.

zz plant watering tips

Generally, ZZ plants need to be watered once every 2-3 weeks. During hotter seasons, you may need to water a bit more frequently, while in winter, if the soil remains moist, you may not need to water at all.

For those looking to propagate new seedlings from a ZZ plant, you can cut the leaves from the base and soak them in water, similar to propagating a money plant. After 15-20 days, roots will begin to grow at the base of the leaves. Alternatively, you can cut the stem. If the leaves are planted in soil, ensure the soil does not dry out. Once the roots have developed, the ZZ plant should be transplanted into a larger pot.

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