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Grow Tomato in pot | This method will get more yields

Grow Tomato in potTomato is a very popular and nutritious vegetable in winter. It can be eaten both raw and cooked. There is no substitute for tomatoes as a salad. It contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C. It also contains beta carotene. We can easily grow tomato in pot. If you cultivate with care, you will get a lot of yields. Let’s find out today how to grow tomatoes in pots.


Prepare the soil to grow tomato in pot

The soil suitable to grow tomatoes in pot is potting mix. In the case of pot cultivation, the soil of the pot should be prepared first. To make the soil, first mix 1 part compost and some TSP with 2 parts soil. Then this soil should be left in open place for 10-12 days.

There is usually no problem in grow tomato in pot. In addition to pots, polythene or flour packets or water bottles, oil bottles are also fine. However, no matter which type, the container should be 6 inches deep. One sapling should be planted in a medium or small container. Two saplings can be planted if the container is large.


Grow Tomato in pot: Time of sowing

As it is a winter vegetable, tomato seeds should be sown between September and October. However, barley tomato varieties are suitable for year-round cultivation.

Once the soil in the pot is ready, seeds should be sown. Care should be taken to ensure that the tree gets adequate light. Usually, when the tomato seeds are about an inch long, the seedlings have to be planted in pots.



Tomato plants absorb a lot of food from the soil so the soil should have adequate fertilizer and water. Organic fertilizers are usually applied in large quantities in pot tomato cultivation. Manure, compost manure, vegetable peel, eggshell, these things are good to use as fertilizer for tomato plants. However, chemical fertilizers can also be applied. In this case, urea and TSP fertilizer can be used.


Some tips to grow tomato in pot

  • When the tree starts to grow a little bigger, it has to be tied with a hard stick.
  • The whole pot should be filled with soil. The higher the soil, the higher the yield.
  • To grow tomatoes in pots requires a lot of water. So water regularly and in the right way.
  • When the age of the tree is 42 days, sometimes a small amount of fertilizer can be used. If weeds accumulate at the base of the tree, it should be cleaned. When the base of the tree becomes bushy, it should be thinned.
  • Occasionally, the soil should be loosened with a hoe. When the tree starts flowering, mustard oil should be applied after 10-12 days.


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Disease control

Rotting and leaf blight are common problems for tomatoes. Such diseases are fatal. Once a tree is infected, there is a risk of it spreading throughout the garden. So we have to take action quickly.

In the case of root rot disease, two grams of Vivistin or 4 grams of Cupravit should be mixed in one liter of water and applied at the base of the seedlings. In case of leaf blight, infected trees should be removed and burnt.

In addition, if the plant is attacked by insects, soap, water or ash should be given.



Fruit collection should start as soon as the flowers fall from the place where there are flowers under the tomato fruit and start turning red.

These are the details to grow tomato in pot.


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