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Growing carrots in pots | Tips for Carrot cultivation

growing carrots in potsThe nutritious vegetable carrot can be easily grown on the balcony or in the rooftop pot. Growing carrots in pots are relatively easy.


Pick the right pot

For growing carrots in pots, you should pick relatively larger pots. You can sow many seeds at once. Since carrot seeds are small in size, many can be sown. Later, when the seedlings grow, some of the saplings can be transferred to other pots or discarded. Choose only the healthy seedlings. The depth of the pot should be at least 12 inches. The bottom of the pot must have holes for drainage.


Soil for growing carrots in pots

Carrots can be grown in almost all types of soils. However, coco dust is more suitable. Nowadays, a mixture of soil and organic manure (potting mix) is also available. That kind of soil is also good for carrots. However, whatever the soil is, it has to be crumbled first.


Sowing the seeds

Carrot seeds are usually sown from August to December. Germination of carrot seeds usually takes 8-10 days.


Seed sowing method

Once the soil in the pot is ready, seeds should be sown in it. Carrot seeds are small in size so they have to be sown with ash. Before sowing the seeds should be soaked in water. Soaked in water in the morning can be sown in the afternoon. But this is not necessary as well. You can directly sow the seeds and spray some water on the top.



The more organic fertilizer given to carrot plants, the better. Dung manure, compost manure, vermicompost, vegetable peel- all are good. In addition, TSP and MOP can also be used as inorganic fertilizers. A little urea can be given if needed. However, nitrogen fertilizers should not be used more for carrots. In addition, you can use dried tea leaves (cooked). It is also very beneficial for the tree.


Caring for growing carrots in pots

Carrot cultivation requires regular watering. It should be kept in a sunny place for at least a few hours every day. In addition, when seedlings grow from seed, the density of seedlings must be reduced and weeding must be done. If there are weeds, they should be removed.


Diseases of carrots

Insects attack carrot plants. This insect sucks the sap of the leaves and young parts of the tree. Medications such as imidacloprid or cypermethrin can be used in moderation to suppress it.

In addition, a disease called the yellow virus occurs in carrot plants. This disease is caused by Leafhopper insects. The young leaves of the tree turn yellow and curl. The tip also fades. Infected leaves should be pruned if this disease occurs.

Black root rot of carrots is also a disease. It is caused by a type of bacteria. This occurs when more nitrogen fertilizers are applied.


Harvesting carrots

You can pick carrots within three months of sowing the seeds. However, you have to wait another 15-20 days to get ripe carrots. However, it can not be kept longer.

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