Tuesday, July 5

Can Heart Patient drink Coffee?

Can a heart Patient Drink Coffee? Answer given by Indian Dr. Bimal Chhajer MD.

Answer : Yes, Heart patient can drink coffee. But the limit should be two cups a day. Coffee is a stimulant drink, because it contains caffeine. It contains activated alkaloid things in it and It has a profound effect on your heart. It also blocks the materials which induced sleep.

A special kind of oil gives the coffee its distinct aroma. The tasteless seeds of coffee have to be boiled in high heat to extract the oil. The best way to make coffee for health is to strain the coffee grounds after boiling.

As it is a stimulant drink, you should not take is as a regular drink.

Heart Patient can also take tea. But same quantity as coffee- two cups a day. Recent studies show that, raw tea (without milk) can reduce bad cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart diseases.

Green tea is wonderful in this case. This also called herbal tea for its enormous health-benefits. But you should not take more than two cups a day. Too much is not good, for anything.

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