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Want to reduce belly fat? Remember these tips

reduce belly fat
reduce belly fat

It is very difficult to lose belly fat. This fat does not want to be reduced easily. Lifestyle changes, proper diet and regular exercise can subdue this stubborn fat. Here are some things to follow to reduce belly fat.


Eat more fiber

Foods rich in fiber stay in the stomach for a long time. The result is no extra appetite. Fruits, oats, nuts can be eaten as a healthy food to reduce belly fat.


Drink lukewarm water

Make it a habit to drink light hot water to reduce belly fat. It is also important to drink enough water.


Say No to sugar

Eliminate sugar from the diet. Sugar is called slow poison. It is one of the causes of various diseases besides increasing fat. Eat molasses, honey or palm corn instead of sugar.


Do not eat extra salt

If you have a habit of eating too much salt, skip it. Excess salt or sodium is one of the main causes of fat deposits in the belly, says the study.


Exercise regularly

There is no substitute for regular exercise in addition to looking at the food list. There are specific exercises to lose belly fat. You can do those things for a while every day.

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