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Drinking less water can create three serious problems

Water delivers nutrients and oxygen to each of our cells. Washes away harmful bacteria. Water also digests food. It even controls the heart rate. And so the need to drink as much water a day, even the slightest deficiency can lead to fatal diseases. Let’s find out the problems that can occur by drinking less water.


Drinking less water can increases heart function

Dehydration is often not noticed. Even if you don’t get thirsty, dehydration and its side effects can often form in the body. As a result of dehydration, the blood volume of the body decreases, and the blood pressure decreases. Then the feeling of dizziness appears. The body then automatically raises the heart rate to control blood pressure levels. In order to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body, the work of the heart increases a lot. This causes palpitations problems.


Heart attacks can also occur by Drinking less water

A 2002 study found that dehydration can lead to the narrowing of blood vessels. This causes plaque to form and blocks the blood vessels. The study also found that drinking enough water every day reduced the risk of a heart attack in adult women by about 70 percent.


There is a risk of stroke

Stroke can occur for the same reason. Especially when the blood vessels in the brain constrict and oxygen access there is interrupted. It was also found that those who drank enough water after a stroke had a higher recovery rate.

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