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Exercises that will keep the body fit after 40

gym after 40After 40, bodies started shrinking. Many people do not understand what exercise to do in middle age. Again, many people at this age are reluctant to exercise. However, there are some simple exercises that you can do effortlessly after the age of 40.



It is very beneficial. Doing 10-15 squats with both hands putting in front of is very beneficial for the joints. It is very beneficial for the waist and knees too.



Office-going men and women no longer carry heavy objects while sitting for a long time. So if the dumbbell goes up and down after 40, the deficit of physical exertion will be filled. It increases muscle strength and sheds excess fat. This exercise is also useful in building chest and abdominal muscles.

gym after 40 dumbbell

Modified Push-up

Push-up is a beneficial exercise in keeping the upper body fit. No equipment is required for this, so it is easy to keep the body fit by doing this exercise. Modify the push-ups in accordance with the body’s requirements.

Body roll-up

Full body roll-up is easy and effective in general exercise. Roll-up is when you lie down with both hands up and up to your waist, touch the toes with your hands and lie down again. Body roll-up keeps the body pain-free. This exercise is also beneficial for the spine.


Leg exercises

Lying on your back, bend one leg up and lower it, then lower the other leg in the same way as ‘leg hamstring bridge’. This exercise is beneficial for the lower part of the waist.


Bird Dog

The ‘Bird Dog’ exercise is to sit on your knees and keep your left arm and right leg straight in the air for a while and then straighten your right arm and left leg in the same way for a few seconds. It helps in keeping the blood circulation in the body normal and relieves back pain.

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