Saturday, September 23

5 Yoga apps : Install now to learn Yoga today!

You can do yoga at home during this lockdown situation. This will keep your mind fresh along with a rejuvenate body. But how to learn yoga? Here are 5 Yoga apps for you to install.


5 Yoga apps


Breathwork is a perfect app for practicing breathing. This app has the ability to practice yoga breathing in a clockwise direction to prolong breathing from 1 to 6 minutes. The user can choose different types of yoga according to his or her problems. The app is quite effective. Because it is recognized by Harvard Health Human Neuroscience.


Many are now accustomed to online classes. And, you can learn yoga online. With this app, you can take online classes at home with the help of the trainer of your choice.


This is an app that will ensure your mental well-being. This means you can learn what kind of yoga to do for peace of mind through the Moodrise yoga apps.


Aloe Bud
At the end of the day, you can know the amount of water you drank, how much you walk, what nutritious food you have eaten etc. This is one of the yoga apps that will bring you into a routine. And, also there are some yoga instructions also.


Chopra Meditation & Well Being
The app has Ayurveda, Meditation and many more. The app also shows that yoga can be done without a yoga mat. with the help of this yoga app you can do yoga through expert’s video classes.


These yoga apps are mostly available at apple store. Click the links to download. The Moodrise and Mindbody apps are available at play store also. You can first review the app thoroughly to get the idea first. There are step by step yoga instructions. Don’t overdo or hurry on yoga classes. It will take some time to loosen up your muscles and joints. And, of course, don’t give up too early!

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