Friday, December 2

Keep water in pot made of soil, why?

There was a time when it was customary to keep water in earthen jars. Although now this habit has decreased in us. Experts say that there are several benefits to putting water in earthenware.


earthenware pots


The water stays cold

Clay containers have numerous microscopic holes. A small amount of water seeps through these pores and comes to the outer surface and evaporates. When water evaporates, it absorbs some heat. As a result, the pot and the water in it stay cold. Drinking cold water from the fridge can cause cold and cough. However, it is not harmful to drink natural cool water kept in earthenware pots.



Maintains acid-base balance

Our body produces a lot of acids for digestion. Putting water in earthenware pots increases the amount of alkali in the water. As a result, drinking this water soothes various stomach acids, maintains acid-base balance, and maintains pH balance in the body.


Mineral supply

If water is kept in earthenware containers, there is no possibility of any harmful chemicals mixing in the water. Rather, it contains various minerals mixed in the water. As a result, the body does not lack the necessary minerals. The metabolic process is also benefited from that.

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