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How to use cucumber for skin care

Water in cucumber is beneficial for health, you can safely use cucumber for beauty also. Learn how to use cucumber for glowing and soft skin.

cucumber for skin care
Cucumber is beneficial for skin, Photo: Pexels
  • Make a cucumber pack to remove dry skin. Chop the cucumber and grind it. Extract the juice and apply it to the skin. Wash off when dry.
  • Before going to bed at night, fill a bottle with water and leave slices of cucumber. The next day, wash the skin with that water. Skin will be glowing.
  • Cut the cucumber into rounds and keep it in the fridge. When cold, wash over the eyes for 15 minutes. Dark circles will disappear.
  • Mix aloe vera gel with cucumber and apply it on the skin. Dark spots on the skin and sunburns will be removed.
  • Mix cucumber juice with coconut oil. Massage the mixture on the skin at night before sleeping. Wash after 10 minutes and apply moisturizer.

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