Monday, July 15

7 tips to take care of your coat

A coat is one of the accessories of winter fashion. Along with bringing in the winter, its pairing is perfect to bring a stylish look. However, without proper care, the coat can lose its natural shape. Here are some tips to prevent hobby clothing from getting wrinkled or ruined.

  • Dust the coat with a soft cloth brush before use.
  • Never fold the coat. Hang it in the closet on a hanger.
  • Dry clean before winter arrives and before storing after winter is gone.
  • If you want to clean at home, use mild detergent and lukewarm water. Do not wash in hot water.
  • Check the pocket after each use to see if anything remains. Having something heavy in the pocket can spoil the shape of the coat.
  • Do not hang wet coats to dry after washing. Squeeze out the water and lay it flat.
  • Store it in a sealed bag and hang it up before putting it away at the end of the winter.

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