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How To Pack a Journey Bag

There is no substitute for good quality bags. Before packing a bag, make sure the bag is water and dustproof. A separate bag cover can be available, you can also take that.

How To Pack a Journey Bag

how to pack a journey bag

  • The fabrics of the bag should be light in weight and the bag should be comfortable to carry and have enough space inside. It is good to have multiple chambers and secret pockets inside the bag.
  • Make a list of essential items before packing the journey bag. There will be two types of lists. More essential and less essential. What to take and what not to take, only if there is space, take them separately. Take the necessary things in the bag first. Then additional things if there is space.
  • Take two T-shirts or Kurtis with one pant. Continue with 2 scarves to match all outfits. Don’t take heavy winter clothes and wear light layers. Then you can take a jacket or hoodie if needed.
  • Don’t take more than three to four outfits. Take out the heaviest clothes.
  • Roll clothes into bags instead of folding them. In this strategy, more clothes can be stored in less space.
  • Do not keep essential items such as mobiles, passports, and visas in luggage or bags. Use a handbag for these items. It will be easy to find in need. Keep electronic items like a laptop, tab, camera, power bank, etc. in a separate compartment of the bag instead of mixing them with clothes.
  • Take liquid cosmetics such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, and lotion in separate waterproof transparent pouch bags.

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