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Is it good to drink hot milk for sleep?

drink hot milkMany people recommend to drink hot milk at night to eliminate the problem of insomnia. Is it really good to drink hot milk for sleeping?

The answer is yes. Indian nutritionist Arundhati said that milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan. This increases the amount of the hormone serotonin in the body. This hormone calms the body, resulting in more sleep. Eating nutritious, fiber-rich foods, low-fat diets, along with moderate amounts of lean protein (chicken or fish) and complex carbohydrates will also reduce insomnia. When the body has enough carbohydrates, our brain also begins to secrete more serotonin. The result is a very calm and relaxed state of mind, which is very important for good sleep.

Lack of calcium and magnesium can also cause insomnia. Milk contains a moderate amount of all these minerals.

Insomnia can also be caused by various physical problems or conditions. Hormonal problems, nerve transmission, etc. are all directly related to sleep. If you want to keep everything normal, Arundhati advises stopping eating heavy meals after the evening. Besides, regular exercise habits should be developed.

If you have had insomnia recently, skip coffee, soft drinks, oily foods, etc. from your diet chart. Oily-spicy foods take longer to digest, which can lead to various physical discomforts. There is also a strong risk of sleep disturbances. Refined sugar or other processed foods also raise blood sugar levels. In addition to following a healthy diet, drink a little honey mixed with lukewarm milk before going to bed at night. You will also benefit from playing chamomile tea before going to sleep. It calms the nerves, resulting in faster sleep.

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