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Increasing back pain, neck and waist pain?

Working at home is quite comfortable but there are some complications. Now there is no walking like before, the use of stairs is less. It affects every muscle in the body. Illnesses like neck and back pain are increasing day by day from home.

Indian orthopedic specialist Kunal Sengupta said it was important to keep the computer at a certain distance and keep the neck straight in the right chair. But from home we are mostly working in such a way that every muscle in the body is going wrong for quite some time. The sun is not shining on him day after day. As a result, vitamin D is reduced. That’s why the pain may increase. ‘

Things to do

Do the same as you used to do while sitting at a chair table in the office. Occasionally while working on the bed or sofa, make sure that the neck and waist are straight.

Keep the chair table height so that the work can be done with the neck straight.

When working in an ordinary chair, use a cushion near the waist.

After working on the computer for an hour, stop working on the eyes for ten minutes. Can take a little walk. Or lie down with your eyes closed.

Exercise for a while at least once a day. Walk hard for ten to 15 minutes.

Do rotational neck exercises. First stand up straight or sit with your neck behind your back and look at the ceiling. Then tilt your neck and look at the floor. Periodically look to the right and to the left. This exercise keeps the neck moving.

Can do static neck exercises. Push the head to the right with the left hand, keeping the head straight. Now try to push the head to the left with the pressure of the right hand. In this case also the head will be straight. Gather both hands behind the head and push the head forward. Keep the head straight. Put both hands on the forehead and push the head back.

Get up in the middle of work and do it like breaking the paradox.

Put foods rich in vitamin D on your diet. Try to eat eggs, milk, yogurt regularly. Drink enough water.


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