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6 Early ‍Signs of Diabetes

early signs of diabetesIf you measure sugar one day and see that diabetes has suddenly occurred, you are thinking wrong. Several early signs of diabetes will appear before there is a serious problem in the body’s insulin factory.


Early signs of diabetes: Hunger and exhaustion

After eating, our body breaks down the foods to make glucose. And using that glucose, the cells make energy. The cells need insulin to use glucose. If the cell does not get that insulin, then the glucose is no longer useful. Then even after eating, fatigue or weakness can be seen.


Early signs of diabetes: Frequent thirst and urination

If there is excess sugar in the body, it cannot be absorbed by the body. This will increase pressure on the kidneys. More urine will be produced to expel the excess sugar. This will make you urinate more frequently and increase your thirst.


Early signs of diabetes: Dry mouth and itchy skin

An early sign of diabetes is losing fluids. The skin will lose moisture quickly. If you notice that the inside of the mouth and the skin is getting dry frequently, then you have to be careful.


Early signs of diabetes: Blurred vision

In some cases, this problem may occur. If there is an imbalance of fluid in the body, the lens of the eye may become slightly swollen. Then the vision becomes blurred.


Early signs of diabetes: Yeast infection

It is important to get tested for diabetes, even there is a yeast infection in between the fingers or in other parts of the body where light and air reach less. Because sugar is the food of the yeast. When the amount of sugar in the body increases, the fungi get food. That is why the infection does not go away easily.


Early signs of diabetes : Slow healing of wounds

When blood sugar rises, it causes blockage in the blood circulation. It also damages some nerves. As a result, no wound will heal easily. You can take it as an early sign of diabetes. For the same reason, there may be pain in the leg muscles and legs.

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