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Three proven methods to fall asleep quickly

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fall sleep quickly

Probably the most common piece of advice we hear is – go to bed early. As a rule, if you sleep for 7-8 hours, what are the benefits? But for those who have been bedridden for hours on end, this advice is a pain in the ass. But no worries. Scientists have discovered some sleep mantras fall asleep quickly.

Military method
The method was developed by experts from the US Navy’s pre-flight school. That is why it got such a name. It is important for pilots to fall asleep quickly before flying an airplane or jet. That’s why they are given sleep training to fall asleep quickly! How is that? After sleeping, you should first pay attention to the muscles of your face. See if there is any tension. Then slowly relax the muscles. Leave the muscles of the mouth, jaw, and throat as well. As if to give up, both hands should be in the same position. Relax the chest, thighs, legs, and ankles in the same way as if you have no control over your body. Then just imagine a beautiful scene without thinking of anything. If you practice it regularly, you will fall asleep in 120 seconds.

4-6-7 method
Those who have no problem with breathing can practice this method to fall asleep quickly. It will bring sleep, and the lungs will be better. First, let all the indoor air out slowly. Then breathe slowly through the mouth for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds. Then exhale through the mouth for 6 seconds. In the beginning, if necessary, practice keeping an eye on the clock hand. Later, when the time is up, it will work even if you are not very careful behind the second count. Because due to more caution, measuring the seconds will show that sleep is also going away.

PMR method
The full name is Progressive Muscle Relaxation. In this method, one of the muscles of the body is pulled first. Then it was hurriedly released again. For example, first look at the scrub for 5 seconds. This will put pressure on the forehead and eyebrows. Leave on after 5 seconds. In the same way, force your face to smile (the way I say ‘cheese’ when taking pictures). Leave after 5 seconds. In this way, pull and release some more muscles. This will also be a kind of relaxation throughout the body-mind.


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