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Avoid these foods to reduce pain of arthritis

arthritisPain in the bones or joints is considered Arthritis. Experts advise avoiding certain foods to avoid the unbearable pain of arthritis.


Excess sugar

If you have arthritis, you must reduce your sugar intake to zero. Especially candy, soft drinks, soda, sauce or ice cream should not be taken. Sugar should be stopped in any type of dessert.


Processed meat and red meat

Processed meat or red meat such as beef, goat, buffalo meat also increases the symptoms of arthritis. These foods increase the levels of interleukin-6, C-reactive protein, and homocysteine ​​in your body which causes inflammation in the body.


Gluten-rich foods

Gluten is a type of protein found mainly in wheat, rye, barley, etc. These foods barely contain a kind of sticky substance, which helps the food to swell when baked. Bread, bread, pasta, cakes, chips, sauces contain gluten. It is also harmful to arthritis.


Highly processed foods

These foods include sweets or spicy snacks, soft drinks, instant noodles and soups, frozen or long-term preserved foods, processed foods made with fat, and more. In addition to these, food preservatives increase the inflammation of our bones and joints. These are also responsible for causing arthritis.


Excess salt

Absolutely reducing salt intake would be the right decision for people with arthritis. Excess salt is added to many foods, including mash, dried fruit, pickles, salads, tasting salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, canned soup, pizza, cheese, and processed meats. These put pressure on the bones as well as the heart, arteries, kidneys and brain and increase pain.



Advanced Glycation and Products (AGE) is a combination of sugar, protein, and a few other ingredients. Deep-fried foods have higher AGE. It is also found in fried meats of various foods. The presence of AGE is then found in vegetable oil, cheese, and fish, respectively. French fries, chips, pan-fried steaks, grilled meats, and deep-fried fish should be avoided. This is because cooking at high temperatures reacts with the sugars, proteins, or fats in it to produce high levels of AGE, which negatively affects cellular dysfunction and intestinal bacteria, including the body’s antioxidant processes. This increases the risk of arthritis as well as reduces immunity.


Source: Health Line 


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