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7 Uses of aloe vera in beauty treatments

Aloe vera has been used in beauty treatments for centuries. It keeps the skin cool and clean from the inside out. Besides, there is no pair of this magical herb to keep the skin bright by removing sunburn spots.


Aloe vera beauty tips

As a moisturizer

It is important to use regular moisturizers to keep the skin soft and beautiful. You can use fresh aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. This light gel is very effective especially as a natural cream this summer.


For shiny hair

Use aloe vera gel mixed with shampoo on hair. The hair will be shiny. If you want, you can apply the gel directly, wait for one hour and wash it.


In sunburned skincare

Apply aloe vera gel on sunburned red skin. Regular use will also remove dark spots on the skin.


To get rid of dandruff

Mix onion juice with aloe vera gel and rub on the scalp. Rinse after a while. Dandruff will be removed as well as the hair roots will be strong.


For soft skin

Aloe vera gel brightens the skin from the inside out. Mix aloe vera gel with rose water and massage it on the skin. Rinse after a while.


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For acne-free skin

Regular use of aloe vera gel on the skin eliminates acne. The annoying scars of acne are also gradually removed.


For fast hair growth

Make a pack by mixing sour yogurt and honey with aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture from the ends of the hair to the roots. Wait 40 minutes and wash off. With regular use, hair will grow faster.


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