Monday, June 17

10 Extraordinary Tips to Keep the Skin Evergreen!

Today I will share some tips to keep the skin evergreen and youthful. Before the age of 30-35, there are black lines under the eyes. Our food habits, pollution, insomnia, stress are the culprit. If you want to maintain the beauty of the skin for a long time, follow some tips.

ত্বকের জন্য টিপস Tips to Keep the Skin Evergreen

  1. Use sunscreen to protect skin from ultraviolet rays. Eat carrots, chocolate, and green tea every day. These are rich in lycopene. Which protects the skin from the sun’s rays.
  2. Massage the skin for a while every day. The skin will remain supple.
  3. Exercise daily to keep skin taut.
  4. Drink enough water every day. The skin will remain tight.
  5. Use a skin scrub once a week. It will remove the dead skin and keep the skin well.
  6. Eat green vegetable juice.
  7. Do face yoga every day.
  8. Clean the makeup well after returning from outside every day.
  9. Use natural face packs two days a week. You can choose honey, aloe vera, besan, sandalwood, banana, ripe papaya, sour curd, fuller’s earth, lentil pulses, etc. according to your skin type.
  10. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night.

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