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7 Home Remedies for Dark Circles

remove dark circlesThere may be black spots under the eyes for various reasons. Dark circles are usually caused by insomnia or stress and fatigue. In addition to ensuring adequate sleep, some home remedies can be used to get rid of dark circles.


Cucumber pack for Dark Circles

Make a pack by chopping the cucumber and mixing it with sour curd. Leave in the fridge to cool. Then apply this pack under the eyes. When dry, wash. If you use it three days a week, you will get results quickly. If you want, you can slice the cucumber and put it on your eyes for ten minutes.


Potato pack to Remove Dark Circles

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Blend or apply under the eyes. Wait a while and wash it off.


Pack of coconut oil and turmeric

Mix coconut oil and almond oil in raw turmeric paste. Make a thick pack and apply it on the skin under the eyes. When dry, wash.


The coffee pack also works for dark circles

Make a pack by mixing coffee bean powder with cocoa powder and honey. Apply it all over the face including the lower part of the eyes. When dry, wash and apply moisturizer.


Pack of yogurt and honey

Make a face pack by mixing sour curd, honey, and rose water. Do not apply the mixture to the skin until dry. When dry, wash with lukewarm water.


Teabag to remove dark circles

After using the teabag, keep it in the fridge and let it cool. Close your eyes and leave it on for 10 minutes. Use every day.


Pack of carrots

Boil the carrots and take them quickly. Make packs mixed with honey. Leave the pack under the eyes for 10 minutes and wash off.

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