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Why does arthritis pain occur? What to do with arthritis pain?

Winter is a time of dread for pain sufferers. The neck, waist, and muscle pain increases during winter, along with rheumatic pain. However, it is possible to reduce pain by making changes in lifestyle and diet.


Blood circulation to hands and feet decreases in winter. As a result, the inflammation of the joints increases, and various problems occur, including pain and gradual stiffness of the joints and muscles.

Apart from this, due to cold, laziness occurs in movement. As a result, the circulation of bones and muscles is not proper. This is also a reason for increasing pain. Many people spend less time in the sun due to shorter days in winter. As a result, vitamin D deficiency may occur too.


What to do with arthritis pain?

  • Try to stay as warm as possible in winter. Use adequate warm clothing such as socks, mufflers, gloves, and scarves. Take care that the hands and feet do not get cold.
  • Regular exercise is very important in winter. It maintains the proper circulation of bones, joints, and muscles. Staying active is the key to good winter arthritis patients.
  • In winter, the amount of water intake decreases as the thirst becomes less. So drink enough water and drink consciously. Drink at least two and a half to three liters of water.
  • People who are suffering from arthritis pain can give warm water compress. Apart from this, you can wear socks to keep your hands and feet warm.
  • You will get relief if you bathe in lukewarm water.
  • Very little vitamin D is available in food. An effective source of vitamin D is the sun. Apply sun for 20-30 minutes between 7 am and 10 am.
  • If the pain is severe, you can take short-term painkillers as per the doctor’s advice.


What not to do in Rheumatic pain

  • Rheumatoid patients should practice lying down and getting up in bed with their hands.
  • Try to sit in a chair rather than sitting on low objects such as stairs, rugs or the floor for long periods of time.
  • Sit with a straight spine.
  • Practice wearing soft shoes rather than high-heeled or stiff shoes.
  • Use elevated commodes if possible. In some cases, using a low-lying toilet may increase pain.
  • Avoid soft foam and use the mattress, mattress, etc.
  • Apart from Radmit, avoid foods such as sugar, raw salt, full-fat dairy products, processed foods, tasting salts, soft drinks, or alcohol.

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