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Have A Healthy Winter

It takes time for the body’s immune system to adjust to the sudden change in temperature. In this season, various diseases and germs become active in the body. As a result, several diseases including respiratory infections increase during the change of season. Apart from this, due to the increase in dust and humidity in the air during winter, viruses, bacteria, and fungal diseases increase. Here’s how to stay healthy this time:

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Cold weather increases the incidence of diseases such as flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, jaundice, skin diseases, eye conjunctivitis, colds, fever, and diarrhea. The prevalence of asthma and pneumonia increases during this period, especially among children and the elderly. Diarrhea in winter is mainly caused by rotavirus, the prevalence of which increases in winter.


Keep children indoors as much as possible. Wear warm winter clothes. Care should also be taken so that the child does not sweat in too warm clothes. Allow children to play in the morning sun for at least 30 minutes a day.


At this time, one should be very careful about consuming water and liquid food. Especially when it comes to eating out. Water should not be consumed unless it is properly boiled/filtered. Also, avoid eating excess food in winter.


Cold weather aggravates asthma and shortness of breath. Winter brings a lot of allergens into the air, which are major triggers of asthma. So avoid dust, and wear a mask. Medicines should be taken with a doctor’s advice if necessary.


Instead of one pair of heavy warm clothes, wear two or three pairs of thin clothes. Try layering the body with different types of warm clothing that will help regulate your body temperature.


Drinking lukewarm water mixed with lemon will give some relief to patients. For children, add a spoonful of honey. Consider bathing babies a day or two apart if it’s too cold. Use warm turmeric water for bathing. Make sure that the bath water is not hotter than the body temperature.


Heart attacks also increase in winter. It is unknown to many. As the temperature drops, blood vessels constrict, making it harder for the heart to pump blood. So people above 40 years of age should avoid working hard during the winter season, which will make them tired.


There is no scientific evidence for joint pain in the winter season, but there are many people who suffer from pain in winter. One of the most common remedies for joint pain relief is to keep yourself warm. Exercise is another way to get rid of all that winter joint and muscle stiffness. Laying in the sun is also a great way to relieve joint pain. People who have sensitive skin, have itching problems during winter. The best way to take care of it is to apply olive oil every night. Also drinking raw date juice can lead to the Nipah virus. Be careful about this too.

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