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How do you know if a child is malnourished?

Many children’s parents complain about the child’s lack of interest. More important than the complaint that the child does not want to eat is whether the child is malnourished. Sometimes it is seen that the child is not gaining weight for a long time. When will you be aware of this matter?

By Jannatun Nur Nayeema


Children of a certain age are running around all the time. As a result, calorie consumption is much higher. In comparison, if you don’t consume enough calories, you won’t gain weight. Again, due to illness, weight gain can stop.


Why the children do not want to eat, must be found first. An illness can cause a child to be apathetic. Many times there is an aversion to eating the same type of food or tasting boredom. Again, because of excessive insistence on food, the child’s reluctance may come to food.


The baby’s stomach is small. So don’t expect the baby to eat a lot. Even if the amount of food is small, it should be noted that the amount of calories and nutrients in that food is high. Give the child fish, chicken, nuts, and milk little by little. Offer them food every two hours.


However, if the child does not gain weight for a long time, it is important to be aware. Keep in mind that the child gets calories, protein, and vitamins according to his age. If the child’s activity is low, if the urine is not normal, if the stomach is upset for a long time, if the child gets tired easily, or if the height and weight do not increase for a long time according to the age, then it should be understood that the child is suffering from malnutrition. In that case, it is important to take expert advice.


Author: Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist

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