Monday, August 15

How trees help children’s mental health

How plants and trees can help to boost your kid’s mental health?

by Nusrat Jahan Nisha


kids health and planting


If you keep a tree on the balcony or in the house, the air is clean, similarly, if there is a child in the house, the tree also plays a positive role in his growth.

A report published in the European Respiratory Journal claims that trees directly help the development of children.

In this study conducted on 3200 children, children’s health was checked repeatedly up to 10 years after birth. Research shows that physically and mentally children benefit greatly from having green surroundings.

Children who have more greenery in their homes have better lungs than others.

Take care of the plants with the child, water, and fertilize them. The child will grow up to be responsible.

You can grow different vegetables on the balcony or in the garden. Take the child with you and cook the vegetables from the trees. Collecting his own food will boost his self-confidence.

The child’s love for nature will increase.

Tell the child about the nutritional value of vegetables grown at home. It will increase his knowledge as well as his interest in food.

Ask the child to make compost, collect fruits, etc. The child will have a good time and less addiction to gadgets.

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