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How to get your child interested in nutritious food

“Children do not want to eat” is the common complaint of almost all parents. Instead of healthy food, they are interested in chocolate or chips. How to make children interested in nutritious food? Know the tips.

How to get your child interested in nutritious food

  1. Everyday at a certain time, sit together to eat. As the child’s social skills will increase, so will the family-bond. At the same time, the baby will be interested in eating.
  2. Encourage the child to eat by himself. Even if he/she leaves food around and make a mess, he/she will gradually become interested in food.
  3. Keep the child with you while cooking or shopping. Explain him/her the nutritional value of any food in a story. Shop by asking what food he/she wants to eat.
  4. You can grow vegetables on the balcony or roof. Take care of the tree with the child and collect vegetables from the tree with him/her.
  5. Do not force the child if he/she does not want to eat. Take a break and offer foods again.
  6. It is important to draw boundaries around eating foods like chocolate, chips, cold drinks or ice cream.
  7. Encourage the child to drink enough water.
  8. Encourage the child about ‘mindful eating’. For example, when offered a piece of apple, praise it. Tell the story about how wonderful the taste and color of the fruit is.

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