Friday, December 2

Are you making these mistakes using face masks?

Face packs made of natural ingredients are second to none to remove the roughness and dullness of the skin. These masks are also able to remove excess oil from the skin. However, due to some mistakes in the use of masks, the skin can be damaged on the contrary.

Mask use on impure skin
Never apply face pack on unclean and wet skin. Clean the skin thoroughly with face wash and then use the pack.

Leave it on the skin longer than necessary
If the various ingredients in the face mask stay on the skin for a long time, problems like skin redness or rash may occur. Especially lemon, acid like baking soda will be left on the skin for a short time.

Do not mix too many ingredients in the face mask
It is best not to mix more than two to three ingredients in a pack. Before applying it on the skin of the face, apply a little on the skin of the hand to see if there is an allergic problem to any of the ingredients.

Massaging incorrectly
Always massage the skin in a circular motion. Improper massaging can lead to wrinkling of the skin.

Do not use moisturizer after using the mask
Many people make this mistake. It can increase skin roughness. After using the mask, wash the skin and apply moisturizer according to the skin type.

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