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How to think of a new idea that actually works

idea thinking girlWe often don’t get cool thinking about a new idea. Especially those who feel disoriented under the pressure of unemployment or disliking work go to great lengths of the day to think about the idea of ​​doing something. Nafisa Trisha is giving a guideline to think a new idea


Before the idea is ready

  1. Make a list before you think of anything new. List the tasks of your choice. Also keep writing, all your qualifications. Like- what you can do, which you do more efficiently.
  2. Take a look at the list. Read again and again. Your heart must be tilted to one side. Which means it’s about to be the most favorable for you or your comfort zone.
  3. Now make another list, write down about one or more tasks of your interest. For example, your favorite job is to design clothes. Then categorize which type of design you prefer, which designs are trending now. What kind of trend is going on in your neighborhood. What kind of design others are shopping for more.
  4. Now it’s time to do a little fieldwork. If you want to think about the clothing business, look for others in shopping malls. Try to remember what kind of clothes men and women of all ages are buying, what they like. Don’t take pictures. Keep notebooks with you, take notes more often.
  5. Conduct surveys of potential customers who are interested in your work. If you love writing stories, talk to the readers. Take a survey and see how many people would like to read books. Write any information about their preferences.
  6. Start with a little money. Whatever the idea, let’s start with something to experiment with. Do it in a way that does not cost too much money. And even if it comes up easily. Suppose you start a business with three or four clothes that no one has bought, but at least someone you know will buy them at wholesale rate. Don’t rush to start a business by buying a lot of products. Or start a publishing business but don’t print a bunch of books.
  7. Just being patient or motivational speech will not work. The real thing is one’s own hard work and goes into the field. Keep in mind that you have to work harder than you can do any job on your own. So keep the body fit to work harder.
  8. Don’t forbid sleep at night for the sake of thinking about ideas. Adhere to it strictly. Sleep early. Get up in the dawn and go for a walk. Do light exercise. Your brain will bring you one idea after another. If you don’t sleep, you won’t want to think about anything because of body aches and body aches all day long.


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