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Grow Cilantro in pot | Growing Coriander leaves in pot

grow cilantro in potYou can easily grow cilantro in pot if you know a few details. Coriander leaves are rich in calcium, iron, carotene and various antioxidants.

For city dwellers cilantro (the leaf) is best grown on balcony or on the roofs. Although it grows all year round, the best time to cultivate coriander is from September-December.


Soil to grow cilantro in pot

Coriander cultivation is possible in all sorts soils. However, sandy loam or clay loam soils are especially suitable for coriander cultivation. This plant cannot tolerate water-logging at all. So it is important to have the facility of drainage in the pot. You can make potting mix by mixing 80 percent soil with 30 percent earthworm manure or vermicompost. Good harvest can be obtained by drying the soil in the hot sun one day before sowing the seeds.


Before sowing the coriander seeds

You have to buy dried coriander seeds from the market and dry them in the sun for one day. This will eliminate spores. On the other hand, germination capacity will also increase. After drying the seeds, they should be broken into two pieces with soft pressure by hand or a pebble.

Coriander seeds must be soaked in water before sowing in the ground. After soaking the seeds in a wet cloth for 24 hours, the seedlings will germinate quickly. Seeds should be sown 3-4 cm (one and a half inch) deep in a wide mouthed tub or plastic tub. Then in the first phase you have to irrigate well.


Grow cilantro in pot: Taking care

If the soil is dry, water it every two days. But water should never be allowed to accumulate at the base of the tree. Birds may also eat coriander leaves. That too be taken care of. In case of ants infestation, soapy water should be sprinkled first. If it doesn’t work, you have to sprinkle Pyrifos or Pyriban or Sevin.

It usually takes one week to 10 days to germinate the coriander seeds. And, coriander leaves take a month to 40 days to grow fully.

Coriander cultivation usually does not require additional fertilizer. As the plant gets bigger, the taste of the leaves may decreases. So the leaves should be harvested when they are in medium size.

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