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Sleeping Problem for Corona Anxiety : Five Things to Do

In the world of sleeping a new problem arise along with insomnia, and that is corona-anxiety sleeping problem. Let’s see how to cope up with this new devil.

Sleep is the third most important factor in overall physical and mental well-being after meals and exercise. If you don’t get enough sleep, or have Sleep Problem the chances of getting sick very fast increase several times and the speed of recovery is also slowed down. According to the Mayo Clinic of America, when we sleep, the body releases a type of protein called cytokines, which work against any type of infection, inflammation and anxiety in the body.

The effects of the global corona pandemic are growing at an unusual rate. Which has a direct impact on our daily work, rest and above all creating Sleep Problem, Someone’s sleep cycle has completely changed, while others are not able to get quality and necessary sleep. This is not unusual at this time. However, a few things to do will help you sleep on demand.


Little news as possible to avoid Sleeping Problem

You will get the latest information about something through various news; you will create a kind of awareness about that subject that is desirable. Again, to verify the veracity of some news, you may want to hear or see the same news over and over again in different mediums, which in some cases can be taken as normal. However, it is a kind of addiction that you hear or see the same news over and over again throughout the day. If one type of news is life threatening, then that addiction will create anxiety in you. The Corona epidemic is such news at the present time.

Many of us hear over and over again every day, where many people are being attacked, dying. We see the same news on different channels, we read the same news in print and we see it in different news feeds on social media. The same news can be scrolled as far as possible in different presentations. We are all watching, reading and immersing ourselves in our own illusions. This has a direct impact on our mental health. Our anxiety is increasing, insomnia is increasing. So it’s best to watch or listen to the news for 30 minutes or less at some point in the morning or afternoon to keep yourself updated. However, according to experts, the morning time is better. Better yet, stay away from bad news as much as you can. To reduce anxiety, you can disable or disable the ‘News Alert’ on social media and keep the ‘News Feed’ in Silent mode. This will help you to avoid panic, reduce anxiety and get a good night’s sleep.


Specific time of going to bed and getting up

Because of the lockdown, you may be working from home. The kids are probably taking classes at home, playing. Maybe your whole routine has changed in this great crisis. Even then, you have to create a routine like your own. According to him, go to bed at the same time every day of the week and try to wake up at the same time. This will reduce the stress a bit.


Use natural light to avoid Sleeping Problem

It is really difficult to stay indoors day after day. Try to allow as much natural light or sunlight into the room as possible. If necessary, keep all windows open or remove all sheds. Because high quality daylight helps people to fall asleep faster and get a good night’s sleep.


Regular physical activity is essential for  sleeping problem

Since you’re home, the gym is off. So you are not able to do regular physical labor or exercise. This is why your anxiety can increase and sleep can be disrupted. This is because physical exercise releases endorphins from the brain, reducing anxiety and helping you sleep better. So no matter what condition you are in, do regular physical activity or exercise as needed. It can be walking on the roof, in the garage or at home, lying on your back like a bicycle or free-hand exercise in the house.


Use the bed only for sleeping

There are many people who work in bed, watch TV or think about stress and think that when you fall asleep you will fall asleep. It is not scientific at all and will create severe sleeping problem. Use the bed just for sleeping. If you don’t have time to sleep or don’t sleep at all, get out of bed and go elsewhere and do those things. Sleep is really just going to bed.

Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night for overall physical and mental well-being. It will keep your own immunity intact. The only tool you can use right now to fight against a killer called corona is immunity. If Corona happens, the better the immune system, the better it will fight against this killer.


Author: Diabetes Specialist, Secretary General, Healthy Living Trust

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