Monday, July 15

How to get rid of chewing gum from hair

Chewing gum can accidentally get stuck in the hair. Many times friends or children put chewing gum in their hair while having fun. Whatever the reason, picking up chewing gum can cause frizzy hair. Know how to easily remove chewing gum from hair in such situations.

Keep rubbing a piece of ice on your hair. Try picking up the chewing gum slowly. will rise This is the easiest way to remove chewing gum from hair.

Chewing gum can be removed with salt water. For this, take lukewarm water in the container. Add salt to it. Now dip the part of the hair where the chewing gum is stuck in the water. After a while keep releasing it slowly.

You can remove chewing gum from your hair with the help of vinegar. Take apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Now put it on a cotton ball and apply it to the chewing gum. Then start removing it from the hair.

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