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Protein oil for hair treatment

The main problems with hair include hairfall, breakage, roughness and dandruff. Environmental pollution is mainly responsible for these problems. Then there’s diet, the use of overheated styling tools, chemical treatments and the sun’s UV rays. However, protein can solve these problems. Just as protein improves the internal health of our body, it is also necessary for hair care.

hair treatment

Hair contains a special protein called keratin. For which protein needs to be taken. So when the hair feels weak or lifeless, it should be understood that protein deficiency has occurred.

One way to pamper our hair with protein is to use Ayurvedic protein rich oils.

Different brands of protein oil are available in the market. The right protein oil is made from herbal paste of Bhringraj, Amra, Onion, Curry Leaf, Black Cumin etc.

Regular use of protein oil reduces the problem of dandruff and hair breakage.

Protein oil is rich in micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals. Which goes deep into the scalp or skin and nourishes our hair. Protein oils containing almond, sesame, coconut, rosemary are the scalp’s best friend.

If you know the right technique of using protein oil, it will solve the problem of hair fall as well as rejuvenate the scalp. Increases blood circulation. As a result, new hair grows.

Essential omega-three fatty acids, vitamin E and natural proteins strengthen hair roots by resisting heat and external damage.

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