Monday, July 15

Hair damage in hair dryer? Know the tips of hair dryer

Many people use a hair dryer to dry their hair after showering on cold days. Regular use of a hair dryer makes the hair very rough and brittle. Hair dryer damage can be minimized by taking some precautions.

hair damage in hair dryer

  • The hot air from the hair dryer absorbs the hair moisturizer. Massage hot oil into your hair before taking a shower and shampooing. Then using a dryer will reduce hair damage a bit.
  • Heat-protected hair serums are available in the market. Applying serum to wet hair after a shower can reduce hair loss by 80%.
  • For regular use, set the dryer to cold air. If in a hurry, cook on medium heat for a few minutes first. Set the cold air when the wetness of the hair decreases.
  • Make sure that one part of the head does not get hot air for too long. Blow the hair dryer through all the sections of the hair. If you have a problem with split ends, do not blow dryer on the lower part of the hair.
  • Use a protein pack at least once a week to deep condition hair. Mix half a cup of sour yogurt, an egg, and a tablespoon of mayonnaise and make a pack and apply it well from the roots to the ends of the hair. Shampoo after half an hour.

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