Monday, July 15

Do young people need to worry about stroke?

Stroke is one of the various causes of death. Statistics show that stroke is the third leading cause of death and paralysis in the world. But many people think that stroke is a disease of the elderly. So the question arises, Do young people need to worry about stroke?

However, recent statistics show that the number of strokes has also increased among young people. The proportion of strokes among young adults has risen to 15-30 percent.

Who is more at risk of stroke? Do young people need to worry about stroke?

1. High blood pressure (over 120/80)
2. Those who smoke
3. Diabetic patients
4. Those who suffer from insomnia
5. Those suffering from obesity
6. Those who work all day long
7. Those eating fried foods regularly.
8. If there is a history of stroke in the family
9. In patients with tuberculosis and syphilis
10. During pregnancy or the postpartum period
11. If there is a deficiency of vitamin B12
12. Even children can have a stroke (pediatric stroke).

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