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Is your child slow to speak? what you can do

Whose child does not learn to speak in time? Many people think that they are suffering from autism. That may not be the case. There are many reasons for speaking late.
child slow to speak
child slow to speak

There are some early signs that your baby may be late in speaking. The symptoms are:

► By 12 months, the child is not making any gestures. Such as pointing or waving hands.
► Even at 18 months prefers to make gestures or gestures rather than vocalizing or making any sounds.
► Difficulty speaking.
► The child is having trouble understanding even simple words.
► Understands speech at two years of age but cannot pronounce words correctly by himself.
► Saying a few words over and over but not being able to communicate their needs.
► Does not understand any simple instructions.
► Making unusual noises.
► Inability to form sentences. Not being able to speak small sentences even at the age of three.

Reasons why children speak late

Children speak less for both physical and mental reasons. For example-
► May have oral-motor or oral problems. If the child has a problem in any part of the brain, it becomes difficult to speak. Because of this, the baby cannot coordinate between the lips, tongue, and jaw.
► Children cannot speak without hearing. So observe whether the child responds to the sound.
► Even if the ear is sore, the child has difficulty hearing and speaking.
► Staring at the screen or spending a lot of time watching mobile, television can also cause a delay in speaking. Moreover, this problem can also be caused by not mixing with people who talk to the child or with someone of the same age.

What you can do

The role of parents is very important in correcting children who are talking late. Parents can help children by:
► Talk to the child more. Allow children to socialize with peers. Reduce mobile, and television viewing time.
► Read short story books. Encourage the child to read too.
► Talk throughout the day. For example, when going to eat, say the name of the food, talk about how you cooked it or where you can buy the food. Talk about what is in the house, and how to clean the house.
Also, consult a specialist doctor.

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